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Welcome to UnlimitedPhotography!

Hello, welcome to UnlimitedPhotography.

This group was set up to benefit photographers and to promote their photography and receive more views within the deviantART Community; also to give our Members a chance to upload their best Deviations.

About Us

This group is intended for the use of photographers, general Members, photography enthusiast's, professionals etc. to gather together, to make friends, share photography, enjoy the privilege of having unlimited deviation uploads daily, and also help contribute into making this club more enjoyable and friendly with content rich photographs from any level!

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member is easy. All you have to do is join our group by using the “join” button on the navigation bar, within the front page of our Group.

Once approved of, you can automatically start uploading as much deviations into the group as much as you want to enjoy the privilege of having this setting available to you.

Rules To Follow When Submitting Deviations

:bulletred: This group is strictly for photography.

:bulletred: Submissions to the Featured folder will be held to a very high standard! They will need more votes to get in, and this folder will only host the best of the best. Don’t just submit any old pictures here, only your best! This folder will be the only folder with a limit, and will have a limit of only 1 per a week.

:bulletred: We allow artistic nude photography into the group. Please submit any artistic nude photos to the gallery which promotes artistic-nudes within the gallery only. Please make sure you have the correct content blockers in place, as we have a large amount of young members in this group.

:bulletred: Any deviant who decides to take it upon themselves to not read the rules and submit anything inappropriate will find themselves being blocked for a period of two weeks. The block will then be lifted and your user name will be recorded for future rule breaks. If you choose to ignore our rules again after being blocked, you will find that you will be permanently blocked from the group.

:bulletred: If you have a series of photographs you would like to submit, please limit them to your best TWO. This will stop monotony from taking over in the group.

:bulletred: Please submit your works to the correct galleries. If you are unsure, please ask. WE have a large amount of submissions that are incorrect, so please take care. If a folder does not meet your specifications, please let us know and we’ll direct you to the most appropriate folder. If your work gets declined, you will be directed by the admins to another folder. If your work was declined without such explanation, please just remind us.

:bulletred: We will automatically decline poor quality photographs. Things such as Instagram photos, cellphone photos and general poor quality snapshots will be declined. We are not discouraging you, but these types of photos are best kept for friends and family.

:bulletred: If your photos contain explicit gore, racist, rude, or pornography content, they will automatically be declined. Depending on the severity of the content, you may be blocked from submitting content to us.

:bulletred: Your submissions must be yours! Please do not edit/alter the work of others. If you are caught stealing artwork, you'll be kicked out from the group and reported to deviantART. No leeway will be given here. This has happened before and the admins see all of the deviations. You will be caught and reported, so please don’t try.

:bulletred: If you notice any deviations within our galleries which you believe have been stolen from another artist, please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a note or the founder, AmberPhotography urgently.

These rules are in place to benefit all members of this group. Due to the size and the nature of this group, we cannot be held liable for any artwork being submitted to us which goes against the rules. These rules are changed on a regular basis due everyday changes to the style of photography and deviantART, the website the group is registered on. Rule breaks are noticed, repeat offenders will be blocked from submitting to the group. This group is to provide a safe environment for all members who appreciate photography and want to get more recognition of their work, which is a noticeable success in which our group provides. Please respect our rules.

Group Affiliate

Any group is allowed to affiliate with us if it involves photography as the group’s main content.
Just comment or note us with the affiliation request why you want to affiliate with us.


Gallery Folders

Urban Scapes
Natural Scapes - Full
Previous Submissions
People and Portraits - Full
People and Portraits 2 - Full
Flowers, Trees and Plants - Full
Animals - Full
Flowers, Trees and Plants - Full

PLEASE READ! Submission Guidelines for Gallery Folders.

We have compiled a set of guidelines designed to make submitting your work as easy and speedy as possible. Please take a minute to read these to avoid future disappointment.

:bulletred: Featured
This folder is for the best of the best. Submitting here will subject your pictures to higher scrutiny. This will be the only folder with a limit (to prevent misuse) and the limit will be set at 1 every two weeks. Please make sure you pick your best picture to go in here. All types of subjects may be submitted here.

:bulletred: Abstract and Surreal
For your pieces that are surreal and abstract. If we can figure out what it is, it probably doesn’t belong here.

:bulletred: Animals
Photos featuring all your furry, feathered, scaly friends, should all be submitted here. Wild and domestic, small and big, they all count.

:bulletred: Architecture
Photos featuring man made structures, monuments, statues, old buildings, bridges and architecture as the main subject should be submitted here.

:bulletred: Artistic Nude
If your photos contain tasteful nude photography, please submit them here. This is the only folder that will accept nude submissions. It is up to you to make sure the MATURE CONTENT FILTERS have been set up correctly on your photos before you submit them into here, or they will be declined.

:bulletred: Flowers, Trees and Plants
Whether it is a single bloom or a whole bunch of blooms, a tree, a plant, a shrub; if the main focal point of your photo is a one of the above, submit it here.

:bulletred: Food
Ahh food. Don't we all love it? If the main subject of your photo is food of any description, either cooked, or uncooked, submit it here.

:bulletred: Insects
Please submit all your photos of bees, wasps, flies, dragonflies, caterpillars, spiders, and any other small insects into our nature folder.

:bulletred: Macro and Close-up
If your photo shows small objects, water drops, feathers, etc, close up and in detail and filling the majority of the frame. In other words, if the object appears larger in the picture than it is in real life, submit it here. INSECTS and FLOWERS go in any above mentioned folders

:bulletred: Miscellaneous
If you cannot find a specific folder to suit your photo, submit it here.

:bulletred: Natural Scapes
If the main subject of the submission is forests, woodland scenes, seascapes, sunsets, mountains, lakes, etc, it should be submitted here.

:bulletred: People and Portraits
Photos of people, young and old, near and far, should be submitted here. Any photo featuring nudity must be submitted to our ARTISTIC NUDE folder

:bulletred: Photojournalism
If your picture shows happening events, parties, sports, weddings, theater or anything of the like, please place it here.

:bulletred: Photomanipulation
Any photo that has been substantially modified in Photoshop, or similar photo editing software, should be submitted here. This includes Tilt shift and selective coloring.

:bulletred: Still Life
Composed objects and flowers that fall into the art category of still life should be submitted here.

:bulletred: Transport
Cars, trains, boats, planes, buses, bicycles and any form of transport. Shiny and new, or rusty and old, it doesn't matter. If you can ride on it or in it, then please submit it here. (except horses and dragons :D)

:bulletred: Urban Scapes
Factories, highways, skylines, airports and cityscapes should all be submitted here.
Hello members!

The People and Portraits 2 folder is full, so some of might have some problems with submitting your works into this folder.  I have closed the folder and made a new one "People and Portraits 3" and you should be able to submit to that one instead.

If there's an issue, please let us know, and we'll try to fix it!

Thank you.
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BlackRabbitArtisan Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I wonder if I may make a small suggestion, to change the folder titled 'insects' to instead 'invertebrates'? It would encompass more of our cool little invert dudes, that aren't specifically insects, including spiders, snails etc. The zoologist in me would be very appreciative^^ I know it sounds nit-picky, sorry, but there really is a distinction between the different invertebrate Classes. (plus it then aligns with the dA category submission :) ). 
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Lonely-Rocker Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, thank you for accept me :)
Dossium Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Could the Insects folder be "Invertebrates" for the sake of broadness? 
NellyDesigns Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting me. New to photography and want peoples opinions and enjoy getting stuck in to it. Am loving it!
maska13 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Thanks for the request. :) (Smile) Very appreciate!
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